Actress Mila Kunis reveals she is using cryptocurrencies

Mila Kunis

Way to go! Actress Mila Kunis has revealed that she started investing in Bitcoin with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, more than eight years ago. This, after she initially thought this was a horrible idea.

Now that she is using cryptocurrencies, she has never been happier to be wrong.

The famous film and TV actress talked about Bitcoin on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, talking about the journey that led her to investing in digital currencies as well as early stocks like Uber.

She explained that before making an investment, Kutcher would run them by her. The couple started dating in 2012 and the pair married in July 2015.

Early into dating, two things came up — Uber and Bitcoin.

For the former, Kunis figured it was the worst idea ever after he explained that Uber is like a cab company but anybody can drive the cab. She even panicked when he asked her to try the service, and was furious at the idea.

While Bitcoin, Kunis also thought that it was a horrible idea. Initially, she was concerned that Bitcoin was not FDIC insured, even though Kutcher tried to convince her that was the point. But Kutcher invested in it nonetheless, and the rest is history.

Kunis says she has never been happier to be wrong.

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