Bill Maher attacks Bitcoin

Bill Maher

Talk about a tirade! American comedian and television host Bill Maher launched into Bitcoin in what was clearly a criticism of the cryptocurrency veiled in comedy.

In fact, he went after other cryptocurrencies as well, including Dogecoin.

Maher quoted several critics of these digital assets, from Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet to Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, and “The Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb.

The political commentator mocked Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on his Real Time with Bill Maher show on Friday. He claimed to have read articles about cryptocurrencies and had it explained to him, but admitted that he does not get Bitcoin, and neither do you or anyone else.

Naming Dogecoin, he says that this meme based crypto is the same as all other cryptocurrencies because the whole thing is a joke.

He called Dogecoin “Easter bunny cartoon cash”, and linked cryptocurrencies to Tinkerbell’s light. He asserted that its power source is based solely on enough children believe in it.

Maher than talked about Satoshi Nakamoto, stating that the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator’s names are the Japanese words for monopoly money.

The banter then moved to the fact that money had to originate from and be generated by something real somewhere, to which cryptocurrency says no it doesn’t. He then quoted Warren Buffet who said that cryptocurrencies basically have no value and don’t produce anything.

Also quoted, was author Nassim Taleb, who said Bitcoin is an open Ponzi scheme.

The TV host then attacked the power needed for mining Bitcoin, citing Bill Gates who very recently said that Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind.

He also tore into Tesla, asking how can a company like it be all on saving the planet with electric cars, and then participate in destroying it with this completely unnecessary online money play? Shifting his attack to Bitcoin supporters, Maher labeled them as money hungry opportunists.

Many in the crypto community fired back at Maher on social media, labeling his take as disappointing, pointless and uninformed.

What do you think?

Real or not?

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