Christie’s to sell 9 rare CryptoPunks NFTs next month


A historic sale! British auction house Christie’s plans to auction 9 one of a kind NFTs from the insanely famous CryptoPunks project, in what is being called the first of a kind occasion of groundbreaking work offered at a traditional auction house.

The single lot of these 9 Punks stems from NFTs creators at Larva Labs, who are rightly regarded as the pioneers of the crypto art movement.

These are the original NFTs, y’all.

Need more information? The announcement has got you covered with the details, including that of the CryptoPunks project that came from the minds of Matt Hall and John Watkinson back in 2017. Larva Labs, the New York based firm they started, has since created thousands of NFT characters.

Christie’s, meanwhile, is coming hot off of selling the Beeple artwork for the sweet sum of $69 million, so you can imagine the interest for these high-ticket items.

CryptoPunks Auction

As the auction house details:

“CryptoPunks inspired a community of collectors and connoisseurs. For fans of collectibles, it’s clearly a version of trading cards or something similar. However, generative art fans see it as an interesting example in that category. We like that its perception is flexible and brings together several of these worlds into a single project.”

CryptoPunks were launched by the team on June 23, 2017, and they consist of pixelated 8-bit 24 x 24 pictures of Punks. There are approximately 10,000 Punks today, with some having been sold for several million dollars.

The 9 rare CryptoPunks that are being sold are Punk # 2, 30, 58, 532, 602, 603, 635, and 757. Out of these, Punks 532 and 602 are inspired by the 70s London punk scene, while Cryptopunk 635 is one of only nine alien Punks, as well as the only one with a sub 1000 series number.

Additionally, a rare alien collectible will also be sold during the May 13 auction.

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