Miners bypass NVIDIA RTX 3060 hash limit

GeForce RTX

Well, that didn’t take long! NVIDIA thought they had it all figured when they launched specialized new cards to mine Ethereum. This was done to separate gaming and mining demands.

But this attempt to shift miners away from the GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards by limiting its hash rate seems to have been short lived.

Like, really short.

Enterprising hackers have bypassed the limits on Ether mining, with one source showing a stack of eight RTX 3060 graphics cards operating at far above the 20-25 MH/s mining limit. Another cryptocurrency group posted a graphic announcing that the RTX 3060 had indeed been bypassed.

It could now reach its full power of 50 MH/s via a mod. That is to say, breaking the limit NVIDIA enforced on its cards was achieved using a custom modification.

This flies in the face of a recent claim by the company where it said that secure interactions between the GPU hardware, the driver software, and computer firmware would prevent the removal of the hash rate limiter.

The chip giant took these steps to alleviate vocal concerns expressed by the gaming community, which is already suffering GPU shortages. It is exactly why NVIDIA debuted the new CMP line that it planned to market to miners, stripping out display outputs that are unnecessary for the process.

But with the emergence of this modification, those plans could now be up in the air.

That, and the company’s future plans where it intended to release the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti with the same Ether mining limitations.

The wonderful world of crypto mining, eh?

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