Rare CryptoPunks NFTs auctioned for almost $17 million


The sign of things to come? Nine rare CryptoPunks digital collectibles have sold for almost $17 million at auction house Christie’s on Wednesday. This is another milestone in the NFT space.

These were among the first 1,000 non-fungible tokens minted in the early days of creator Larva Labs.

And these NFTs were part of Larva Lab’s own collection, and were part of the “21st Century Evening Sale” at Christie’s, the 255-year-old auction house based in the United Kingdom. This is the same auction house that sold an NFT representing digital artist Beeple for a record $69 million.

Now, while these are nowhere near that landmark, these have nevertheless fetched an eyewatering total of $16,962,500.

The auction house itself confirmed it:

NFTs are blockchain based tokens incorporating various attributes representing artwork or assets in the digital domain, and can be used to verify proof of ownership. Buying an NFT is buying a verifiable digital token that represents ownership of the asset on blockchain.

The CryptoPunks sale highlights the continuing demand for digital art validated by blockchain technology. It is a space that has blown up in recent years, with pretty much everyone dipping their toes in these waters — from NBA to Taco Bell, and Edward Snowden to Eminem.

Even ecommerce giant eBay recently announced that it would allow sales of NFTs on its platform, including trading cards, images, and video clips.

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