SSD makers cut down on warranties due to Chia mining


Oh noes! The storage apocalypse is upon us! The Chia cryptocurrency came into the spotlight a few months back after the world took notice of the way it mined using free storage space.

Which people have plenty of.

What they don’t have plenty of, obviously, is endurance of their hard disk and solid-state drives. The more these HDDs an SSDs are used, the faster they die and end up in a scrapyard.

That has not stopped fans of this new digital coin from buying these storage devices, though. A shortage of this hardware is broiling up in many a place on the planet, alongside a price hike of hard disk drives and solid-state drives.

Naturally, manufacturers of these storage devices are also aware of the situation. And these companies have started responding with rather undesirable changes that affect not just Chia miners, but also regular end users as well.

As noted, SSD makers have started cutting down on the endurance of their wares. Companies like PNY have recently been spotted reducing the write endurance on its XLR8 CS3030 lineup of SSDs by up to a humongous 79%.

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This is what the company said in an official statement:

“The changes PNY made to its XLR8 CS3030 SSD’s warranty policy were driven by two factors, the uptick in demand for using high-speed, consumer-grade SSDs for Chia farming, and the industry-wide shortage of NAND. These changes were published and made public on the company’s website in both the warranty section as well as the CS3030 product spec sheet on May 17, 2021.”


The write endurance of an SSD is denoted by Terabytes Written (TBW), with the value showing the estimated amount of data that can be written to the SSD over the lifetime of the drive after which it comes in at a higher risk of failure.

Reduced TBWs means that miners who rigorously utilize their SSDs will very likely exhaust the rated endurance of their solid-state drives before the five-year warranty period, and they will be unable to avail warranty services.

This also affects normal power users, who are sure to be impacted by this change.

Oh well, no one ever said that the world of crypto mining was boring!

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