22% of Goldman Sachs clients expect Bitcoin to hit $100,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction

That too, within 12 months. Talk about faith. Goldman Sachs is the latest to join the crypto party, with the financial institution recently having restarted its cryptocurrency desk.

To mark the occasion, the investment bank conducted a little survey published on March 3 that took into account thoughts of 280 respondents, their exposure, perspective, and outlook of digital assets that have set the world of finance on fire.

And the numbers make for good reading.

The study seen by Coinbase revealed that 22% of its clients expect the price of Bitcoin to hit at least $100,000 in the next 12 months. While a heavy 54% predict it to hover between $40,000 to $100,000 in the same period.

Additionally, it was revealed that 40% of those who responded had exposure to cryptocurrencies, which itself is a level above than what it used to be just three years back.

An overwhelming 57% were of the opinion that positive news like institutional investing drove the price of Bitcoin higher. Companies like Tesla and MasterCard embraced the token, and it also saw renewed backing from MicroStrategy.

Looking ahead, the respondents also had some thoughts to share on what they believe are the greatest hurdles for the cryptocurrency that started it all.

Some 34% of those surveyed believed that the biggest issue yet to be overcome by digital assets is regulation, while 24% saw the lack of well-regulated and investible assets a negative.

Nevertheless, with the restart of the cryptocurrency trading desk at Goldman Sachs, the bank is sure to put its weight behind Bitcoin and other popular coins in its bid to keep up with this rapidly evolving sector of digital assets.

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