Auto dealership starts accepting crypto for cars

Car Dealership

Crypto for cars is not exactly new, what with there have been instances of folks buying Lamborghinis with their newfound wealth. But now you can buy a more modest vehicle using your digital coins.

That’s because an auto dealership in Orland is accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for cars.

West Mitsubishi Motors in Northern California is looking into the future with this move, and now lets customers purchase a car using Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The idea being making the experience of buying a car, faster, easier and more enjoyable.

Sonny Baird, General Manager:

“Cryptocurrency is just another way to buy goods. We wanted to be the first and add that to our customer’s options to buy cars. There’s an exchange service that transfers the money into our account and then we transfer that into US dollars.”

It is a completely paperless process, as you would imagine.

While most businesses are still hesitant to hop on the crypto wagon due to its volatile nature, there is a growing trend of companies that are now offering these options alongside traditional dollars. More so those that cater to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd.

Mitsubishi Motors, in the meantime, has become one of the first auto dealerships to accept cryptocurrency as a payment for cars.

And this is a change that is sure to drive us to our promised new decentralized future.

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