DC Comics warns against using its characters in NFTs

DC Comics Trinity

The house of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman is unhappy. DC Comics is not pleased with artists using its intellectual properties in NFTs, with the publishing company confirming its own plans.

José Delgo, a former DC and Marvel artist, made headlines recently in the NFT space. Known for his sketches of Wonder Woman in the 70s and early 80s, he made history by selling $1.85 million by selling NFTs featuring the superhero and other licensed characters.

Obviously, the real problem here is that the company did not get a cut of the sales of art featuring its intellectual property.

In a letter sent to creative teams and freelancers employed by the firm, Jay Kogan, the Senior VP of Legal Affairs at the publisher stressed that it is against company policy to sell digital images featuring DC intellectual property, with or without non-fungible tokens.

You can read the letter in full below.

DC Comics NFT Letter

Kogan also confirmed that DC Comics has its own plans to explore the NFT space, and is exploring opportunities to enter the market.

There is a lot to take in here, of course.

NFTs have become a craze lately, with companies jumping in and people spending millions of dollars on rare and desirable artworks. On Thursday, a piece of digital art by artist Beeple sold for a record $69.3 million by the auction house Christie’s.

The NFT industry had a market capitalization of $338 million at the end of 2020, a number that has upped massively during the first couple of months of this year.

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