Microsoft surveying Xbox users about Bitcoin payment option

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More Microsoft news. This time, the tech giant is hopping away from blockchain into the wild world of cryptocurrencies. And it should come as no surprise amid the current hype for digital currencies.

Redmond seems to be changing its stance on being friendlier with crypto users, even as people involved with the company are lukewarm on them for the time being. People like Bill Gates and Bard Smith, who all have their own view on crypto.

But as for the company itself, it looks like it’s back in the game.

The software titan has been asking its Xbox gaming console users about the possibility of implementing payment methods, such as Bitcoin. This poll is the first of its kind released by the company with crypto questions, and has stirred quite some interest.

A Reddit user reported that Microsoft started to show polls with the topic “Payment Options”, surveying people with questions such as how they pay for their things in Xbox.

The poll then puts out the following question that asks them which other payment methods would you like to use on Xbox, and among the answers is “Pay with Bitcoin”. BTC is listed as one of the alternative payment options for users.

A clear enough sign that Microsoft is not entirely oblivious to the latest technological developments in the crypto space.

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